2016 / People / Culture

Little flower from the desert

  • Photographer
    Stéphanie Buret

Bttsetseg is living in Ulan Bator. She is the stereotyp of a young generation coming from a nomadic life and settle down in the capital city, growing so fast. His fiancé is working for a mining compagny. The development of the mining industry 20 years ago has changed the country. It’s now focused on a capitalist economy. 30% of the Mongolians are now living from the pastoralism nomade as they were 80% in 1980. Identity of the country is changing. Like Bttsetseg is trying to find her new way in life. She has to find how she can create a possibility to find a job in Ulan Bator where it’s very hard for people to live in good economic conditions. The gap between rich and poors has become bigger. Only a minority is taking benefit of the economic development. The name "Bttsetseg" means flower in mongol language.