2016 / People / Culture

El Bloqueo

  • Photographer
    Oded Wagenstein

On October 2015 In a UN 193-nation assembly, 188 countries voted to end the Embargo (el bloqueo) over Cuba. An Embargo which was first imposed by the United States on the 19 of October 1960, almost two years after Castro's revolution and an evaluation from April 2009 claims that the Embargo cost the Cuban people $685 million annually, with catastrophic effects on subjects like: Public health, Education and the Environment. Still under socialist rule, the majority of the Cuban people are depending on governmental food stamps and rations, which in most cases are hardly enough and waiting in endless queues is a daily routine for most Cuban. Still, on October 2015, while 188 countries voted to end the Embargo, the United States objected. In the image: Frustrated locals at a staple food distribution station in Sancti Spiritus (a small town in Central Cuba), after learning that there are not enough eggs for everyone, although some of them have waited in line for more than three hours.