2016 / People / Culture

suddenly digital

  • Photographer
    kostas maros

During more than thousand years the penan lived as nomads in the jungle of the island borneo in the south pacific. 60 years ago the first group of nomadic penan settled in the village of Long Lamai. From the initial small crowd of huts they created a village with more than six hundred people. A few years ago the only connection to the outherworld was a narrow path through the forest or with the wooden raft on the river. There was no electricity, no phone, no tv, no internet. Until the oldest and the headman of the village took a decision that would forward them into the digital era. Since then a satellite dish in the middle of the village brings a connection to the outherworld. Jungle and Internet, arrow hunting and selfies - for most of the people in Long Lamai these things are no more contradiction. ‚today‘s penan need both’ says Oteng ‚tradition and modernity‘.