2016 / People / Culture

Contrasts of China

  • Photographer
    Pino Coduti
  • Agency / Studio
    Pino Coduti photography

Through just a small part of that immense and fascinating country which is the "continent" China, the contrasts and contradictions are everywhere evident and visible. Using an iPhone as a notebook I have collected in a photographic reportage these travel notes. Shooting with a so little invasive tool I managed to take a walk among the people without being noticed. I then matched in pairs of two the images, to better emphasize the contrast between the different situations.

Pino Coduti, was born in Lucera (Puglia - Italy) in 1969, is a multi-awarded professional photographer specializing in Photojournalism Wedding & Portrait and passionate about Art and architecture. He is also an esteemed speaker at workshops for professional photographers.