2016 / People / Culture

Bodh Gaya 2016

  • Photographer
    Viet Van Tran
  • Agency / Studio
    Lao Dong newspaper

Bodh Gaya is famous religious place where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment (pali: bodhi) under what became known as the Bodhi Tree. I meditated on two mornings at Bodh Gaya with an absolute relaxation before taken photos. I have been immersed in the atmosphere of meditation with sound, color, and life in space flooded with love. Buddhism emanating from an original developed into many different sects but platform is still the Peaceful Dharma. And now the various sects came back here, which as the roots of Buddhism (orginal Buddhism), expressed deep respect and gratitude to the Buddha.I have catched the moments of human meditation, thin line between Dharam and Life and close relationship between them. Dharma was born from the Life and return to serve Life This series is belong to my project “Bodh Gaya”, which is an expansion of my long- term project "Dharma and Life".

Cultural Bachelor degree in 1996. Trained by famous photographer as James Natchwey, Gary Knight, Tim Page, Steve Northup, Gaby Sommer…in workshop of IMMF (Indochinal Memory Media Found). Currenly work as special reporter for Lao ??ng newspaper (one of the biggest newspapers in Viet Nam). 10 solo exhibions and over 30 group exhibitions (US, UK, France, Grecee,Spain, Urugoay, Argentina, Singapore, Rumania…), 6 books released (“My mum”, “Dharma and Life”…).