2016 / People / Culture

Qoyllur Riti

  • Photographer
    Sebastian Castañeda

In this festivity religious syncretism (Andean Catholic) is appreciated, venerating the image of a crucified Christ, while in a nearby snow-capped making the faithful who come ancestral rites. Attending this festival, are varied to a specific melody extras, there is another longest pilgrimage route "Tayancani". The participation of the faithful is massive. The meaning comes from the Quechua "shining snow". This festival is held in the hamlet of Sinak'ara the foot of snow (Qolquepunko}) where the Sanctuary of the Lord of Qoyllur Riti, located in the district of Ocongate to 4750 meters and is to reach the devotees make a pilgrimage 8.5 km. Away from the community Mahuayani to the Shrine. On-site implementation of dances seen, the pilgrimage of the ukukus, religious misas in Quechua. Pilgrims walking to the mountain Qolquepunko to participate in the festival Lord of Qoyllur Riti, this walk have a distance of 8.5 km. Away from the community Mahuayani to the Shrine.

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