2016 / People / Culture

Spaghetti Wrestlers

  • Photographer
    Filippo Venturi
  • Agency / Studio
    Filippo Venturi Photography

Starting in the '80s American Wrestling was broadcast on Italian television for many years. Since the early 2000s several Italian training schools and federations are born with the aim of spreading the sport in the country and prepare the Italian athletes. This movement is growing and now the "Azzurri" (Italian athletes) are emerging in the world of international wrestling.

Filippo Venturi is an Italian documentary photographer working on editorial, corporate, commercial assignments and personal projects. His works have been published in different newspapers and magazines such as The Washington Post, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Internazionale, La Stampa, Geo, Marie Claire, Die Zeit, Gente, D di Repubblica, Io Donna/Corriere della Sera. He cooperates with several agencies in Italy and abroad for advertisement projects. He also pursues many personal stories and projects on the critical issues that he finds interesting.