2016 / People / Culture

the cuban; havana.

  • Photographer

it was the last year, when I had heard about the news of the U.S.A. - Cuba opening. I have never been there but traveling around Cuba was one on my bucket list like other photographers interested in street photography. I got to stand on sudden haste because I want to see the current Cuba before changed not so much after the opening. so I planned to travel it once a year for some ahead. for this plan, the first city was havana where was the capital city of Cuba. I could meet so many local friends and talked about lots of things about Cuba and Havana. the atmosphere in it was so amazing and inspiring so now did I get to love those kind and innocent people in there. I'm afraid that it was hard to share all of interesting stories in Havana, but will try to talk about it as much as possible. let's see what was in there. - the cuban 001 it was a good start in the day. just after raining, just wandering the streets. the accidental moment made by a strange photographer and strange street boys. they approached to me by running. - the cuban 002 what a big eye behind a ball. it was so interesting that they have big eyes much bigger than my eyes. so transparent and beautiful eyes. - the cuban 003 the reminisce of an old boxing coach. I just have wandered some streets in a very early morning and met some people near a boxing gym. one of them was one of old boxing coaches in there, who showed me his house just on the opposite of the gym. I could feel his reminisce when to see many old things. what a wild but old and warm scenery it was. - the cuban 004 che and a boy. havana was too old after che's revolution and everybody in it had to live in the old city. it made me so curious that the everybody, even a little boy, in it loved che and his friends. I just had to guess something above what I could see. btw, cuba and states recently restored diplomatic relations. I guess this could make the city changed, but still curious whether it is able to change their love for che and his friends or whether the change is necessary. - the cuban 005 he was 'le black prince' when young. at the first, he was in an official and frigid manner during shooting for 2 days. however, after to know that I was from south korea, he became an old neighbour uncle because one of his best friends was a taekwondo master from there. he took me to his coach room and told me stories with him while showing me pictures whit him. it was so interesting and so impressive for them to have built their friendship through martial arts of each other. also, it was so amazing to inspire the young photographer from south korea. - the cuban 006 fast and furious? or fast and curious? I personally prefer a black or deep blue coloured car. by the way, especially about old cars in havana, red coloured ones were so beautiful and sentimental. traveling around strange places seems to make it possible to look at surroundings with a variety of views. also, it always inspires me. - the cuban 007 the children in havana seemed like sprinters while ones in korea seemed like turtles. while lots of children in korean streets walk slowly with a heavy backpack on their back, almost cuban ones run and play with their thin and long legs and arms. it was too different to me who was a small and pale boy with a backpack bigger than myself. actually, I was a geek. what is a healthy life and what is a life full of happiness. guess it could be different accordingly to a view. at least for children, guess that they could breath and play with not much burden because the world should not be a factory of well trained members on it but be a part of nature for the life in it. - the cuban 008 while sunset, malecón and people around there. malecón during the moment of sunset has something special. here when sun-rising is so quite nice but much better when sun-set. I loved that atmosphere with local people, old cars and various sounds from its beach. also, this picture and memories from it make me to smile and to feel happiness. actually, I still have lots of stories and pictures inspired by the atmosphere and people of 'beautiful and amazing' Havana in Cuba. I love and miss all of these things in there so much.