2016 / People / Culture

30 Seconds

  • Photographer
    Patrick Rivera

Approximately the time that it takes for anyone to open a can of soda, time it takes to fully turn off an open faucet, time to initiate a candle to fully burn its first flicker, finally, just enough time to say with an angst-ridden tone, I need more time! What does one do when all one has is just 30 seconds before all one’s belongings are reduced to mere ashes? When nothing is clearly a routine drill, what’s tackled in this series is when one strips oneself of the luxury of angst and sentimentality, this series highlights participants in an activity who made snap decisions and were able to gather what they could given the scenario that their homes are about to be engulfed in flames. In a time when adrenaline has overridden common sense and logic, forgiving oneself in having pulled odds and ends in an escape is imperative when clearly no catastrophe such as a fire is ever logical or forgiving.

Filipino portrait photographer based in LA.