2016 / People / Children

Holi Festival Mathura

  • Photographer
    Cecilia Colussi

The love of Krishna and Radha grew in Mathura. Legends say that Krishna used to throw colors at Radha and paint her face with multiple colors in order to balance the skin tones of each other. It is on the ghats of Mathura – the birthplace of Krishna where Holi celebration today are the most joyous and colourful. A rainbow of powders, water balloons and cannons, are the peaceful weapons used by children to celebrate the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the dry season.

Growing up in the remarkably preserved medieval town of Padova, Cecilia has been breathing art since she was a child, surrounded by a quaint, though static, way of living. Thirsty of knowledge, she soon developed a genuine curiosity for everything that was far from her cultural heritage, devoting her travels to the study of anthropological aspects of diverse cultures with a focus on architecture. Far from the celebrated landmarks, Cecilia pursues places that were built for purpose but taken over by time. She celebrates the evolved aesthetic of sites once abandoned.