2016 / Nature / Wildlife

Between two worlds

  • Photographer
    Yvon Jolivet

The photographs submitted for this series contest were all taken in the summer of 2015, near the St. Lawrence River (Quebec, Canada).These photographs represent a very small part of the shoreline, call interdidale area, which is the space between the levels of the highest and the lowest tides. Shellfish, algae and micro crustaceans live in this unique place where the rhythm of the tides is the matrix of all the mid-terrestrial and mid-water life. Light and water play with our perception of the naturals elements.

My photographic processing varies according to the themes exploited. When it is in contrast, it reveals all colors and textures, and black and white photographs reveal the subconscious and symbolism of human nature.The object of my work is to give a new meaning to the forms inside his natural rhythm, breaking the spaces and time, and recombine them into each other in order or disorder to create a new world from the old one.