2016 / Nature / Trees

A final glance at torn street trees by typhoon

  • Photographer
    Feng Chang-Tai

To meet the need of human beings, trees are planted along the streets. Sunlight, raindrops and air - the essential elements composed from mother nature benefit the trees in growth. Following a spate of violent gales and torrential downpour of typhoon, the street trees have been blown down. In addition, sawn-off then recycled for the fact - the torn plants are not required anymore for people. The photographer took the images with flash lights during this period, to document the form of distorted trees according to his own composition of a picture. The behavior of recycling and photographing as though humans are mourning the trees in a funeral procession. Between nature and humankind, to live or not, the street plants are limited by the rules - as an archetype of the state of civilization nowadays.