2016 / Nature / Landscapes

Nature at last

  • Photographer
    Alessandro Brasile

I shot these images at night-time, prompted by a “surrealist” thought: the pure and simple pleasure of wandering, as one leafs through memories with the mind. None of these images was shot straightaway, but rather coming back, after days or minutes, with a rolleiflex and a tripod. It does not matter which city they belong to; they are suburban places, where to reside in solitude. I consider these pictures as “portraits” of trees, where artificial lights hint at the presence of man, and at the dichotomy between landscape and nature. Trees planted in squares, besides factories, in private gardens, near cemeteries or railways. If houses, roads and men would disappear, which “forest” would remain in cities? I feel this nature as a presence capable of surviving to man. If you look closely, trees have eyes: a personality.