2016 / Fine Art / Still Life

Plastic Poser

  • Photographer
    Sebastian Weyers

The toy industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. The turnover is more than 80 billion US dollars and the Republic of China is the world`s largest producer of industrially manufactured toys. Whether the fluffy, comforting teddy, the superhero of numerous cartoon series or the matching nasty villain, the repertoire in Toyland leaves no wish unfulfilled. Toys are used by children since prehistoric times. The purpose of a toy is in himself. It serves the acquisition and learning of different skills and abilities. By enacting and imitate of certain processes of everyday life, toys are also for the preparation of gender roles and the socialization of children in the society. It can be observed that over the years the toys has significantly changed. Heroes and villains are always muscular, brutal and adapt in some way the present time. But what happens if you break these rules? Some funny pictures!