2016 / Fine Art / Portrait

The Leap

  • Photographer
    Bruno Fonseca
  • Agency / Studio

"Taking the leap" or "go assault" are terms often used to denote the phenomenon of illegal immigration to France, which occurred mostly during the 60s. This phenomenon was extremely important for Portugal sociocultural, because beyond our contibutions brought by immigrants to their homelands, was forever changed French genealogy, where today you can usually find family names of Portuguese origin, fruit of generations of pioneer heritage. This work aims to rescue a visual memory alive, through testimonies of people who were part of this history, and the specific locations used for crossing the border, related to Vila Nova de Cerveira. The same was performed on a medium format camera 6x6 film analog and ISO 3200 sensitivity.

Bruno Fonseca is a Portuguese Photojournalist born in 1972. He took his course in the Portuguese Institute of Photography (IPF) between 2005 and 2007, following his great passion and started to work as a freelancer. Living in Angola since 1995, as he returns after the diploma, he starts to collaborate with the Portuguese News Agency in Angola (LUSA), until 2011. Passionate traveller, his pictures capture the new, the surprise and respond to the senses: Look for the first time, Feel for the first time, love for the first time...