2016 / Fine Art / Portrait

Shadow of the self

  • Photographer
    Silvino González Morales
  • Agency / Studio
    Piisani Estudio de Diseño

The idea behind this project is the notion of memory and past as a shadow of each one of us. Every event in our lives is attached to us and is an intrinsically important part of who we are. Two negatives, each one from a different photography, a single salt print produced with both of the negatives. Two slices of time frozen in a single layer of silver nitrate. Two events separated in the time for years or maybe just seconds but united in a piece of paper as a metaphor of how each one of us is a set of layers glued by our experiences through the life. Is also a display of how proud I'm of be a mixture of races and cultural lore: From the Celtic and European roots of my dad to the beautiful Amerindian and African roots of my mom.

I began my life as a photographer a bit late, after my struggle to find myself in engineering I finally decided to follow my Father's footsteps and pursue my love for photography. My professional career is as a graphic designer, but photography is a special, unique way to control and mitigate my bipolar condition. It is my personal treatment and many of my works are deeply influenced by my changing and contradicting mood states. But it was the discovery of the alternative photographic processes and the influence of Omaira Abadia that defined, and refined my approach to photographic art.