2016 / Fine Art / Portrait

from the series DEEP in Between

  • Photographer
    Kim Campbell

Most stories have a beginning, middle and end and yet many untold tales are stuck somewhere in between. The photos in this series are mired in that space between start and finish, longing and loss, waking and sleep, fear and safety, life and death. A tribe of dreamers traverse a lyrical landscape. A soothing and sometimes treacherous aqueous blanket appears to envelope the characters like an amniotic sac. Emotions and dreams float randomly, rising and submerging and breaking into cubist expressions. As a human, a daughter, a wife and mother, I've experienced loss, longing, fear, birth and joy in unequal parts. In the course of exploring these discordant perceptions, the camera is one of many tools I employ to grasp at them. DEEP in Between is an experiment with the unpredictability of life. Light flares, focus and loss, texture and blur, gravity and weightlessness are effects that capture that experience. Although this series may appear to be manipulated in the digital darkroom it is entirely captured through the camera in the original exposure. Only spotting and color adjustments have occurred in post. To explore making a surreal finished image — as early as the initial shutter snap — is one of the challenges that I set myself.