2016 / Fine Art / Other

Sweet Dreams Empire: After Chaos

  • Photographer
    Ekaterina Zagustina

"Sweet Dreams Empire" was supposed to be a series illustrating the idea of the onset of the fairy-tale Technological Universe, starting with the clockwork drive gears frozen and then bursting in space, constructing Time and Chaos dimensions, half-separately from each other. The Chaos part, its remnants, can partly be seen behind the main scene of the picture presented, which turned to be made first of them all and look rather sustainable as a single image as well. All the constructions are self-made of different parts of numerous decomposed existing devices, glued and painted afterwards. My aim was to give something old and having no more practical use a new life and intended purpose. The face in the sky symbolizes the crowned spirit of the Technological Dust, it has been manipulated from a simple piece of fabric looking like a face. This spirit is supposed to try keeping the unity of the old Chaos, the main scene with the train and the girl moving straight across the railroad direction and the Time Reel with the empty "Sun" in the centre instead of the clock pointers. The use of the line-codes is meant to illustrate the idea of almost everything in the world being just for mere entertainment, intended for sale or amusement, not taken more seriously than that.