2016 / Fine Art / Other

The Space Between

  • Photographer
    Georg Worecki

Architecture, so it is thought, is a clear matter: The wall limits the space & creates an inside & an outside. Nothing can be in-between! Or so it seems, but we often forget, that architecture just frequently subsists on the effect of an in-between state, an ambivalent spatial impression & an ambiguous relation. For example holes are arising, obviously connecting the inside with the outside. Doors, windows, even balconies, loggias & arcades are deforming the shell, generating equivocal spatial relationships. It’s the same with the precise viewing of a picture: Sometimes it is just the interspace, which attracts the attention of our eyes in a picture & gives the visible content a certain magic. This could be the space between inside & outside, above & below, or between subject & object, between two or more people respectively two or more items. Here again the space in-between (= in the middle of both) becomes a tiny grain of salt, which makes the dinner enjoyable at all.

Georg Worecki was born 1961 in Düsseldorf/Germany. After studying history of art & architecture, german language & literature, he was trained as a theatre director. Since 1999 he is working as a freelance photographer. "To trace the immediacy of strangeness, the spell of otherness, to visualize the unexpected, is an act of deliverance from the noise of the daily grind. After all I make the naive attempt to project the secret of life onto a screen."