2016 / Fine Art / Other

Moments Reflected

  • Photographer
    oyvind hjelmen

MOMENTS REFLECTED All my works are related to looking at how we relate to ourselves and each other as human beings, how we relate to our memories, our fears and nightmares, our sexuality, our hopes and dreams. Basically this project is a collection of memories, real or imagined, but they relate to the present as much as to the past. As my childhood and youth become more distant, they also become more important to me, and therefore in a way closer. And whether real or not, I feel the past is changing, almost as much as the present. Through my images I aim to look back at the past, but also at the present, and sometimes allow myself to dream. Not only to look for answers, but also for more questions. As with most of my projects I work where ever I am, - whether travelling or working locally. My intention is to create a body of work that can reveal fragments of an existence which can be recognizable to others, regardless from what their world emanates. I work on film, and make all prints in my own darkroom. Øyvind Hjelmen