2016 / Fine Art / Other


  • Photographer
    Sacha Ferrier

The focus of my work is grief. In particular, I am interested in the human desire – perhaps, imperative - to search for some kind of relief or explanation, often beyond the seemingly rational or intelligible. Although grief is seen as culturally universal in regards to characteristics, the ramifications felt, are as individual as the person affected. It can, at times, appear to scrape the surface, apparently leaving no obvious, lasting damage. In some cases, the emotional torment and concomitant scars leave irreparable consequences: indefinite and devastating. In trying to understand grief the intensity can be incomprehensible to the beholder, as there is no way to apportion the suffering or visualize the isolation felt. There is no cure; medication may sedate the initial trauma but it fails to address the actuality of loss. Only psychological resilience, and time, can ever enable the adjustment to ‘being’ required when learning to live with grief.