2016 / Fine Art / Nudes

The Space between

  • Photographer
    Håkon Røisland

In this series which I problematize topics related to gender roles, identity and society. Much of the impetus behind these expressions is in the role conflicts that occur when an individual is subjected to conflicting demands and expectations from the outside world. To show these role conflicts, I follow the surrealist tradition placing the woman as alternate object and subject. In this tradition the woman has a central place; both as mysticism in a male-dominated existence, and as a carrier of dualistic expectations. The woman in this series represents not only issues related to women's place, but is also a symbol for both sexes’ conflicting roles. For illustrating these conflicting roles, I have placed the woman as a misfit in a hush and masculine environment. By arrange her in a confronting way; I want to challenge the view on the feminine as an object, to a subject for an objectivism of the audience’s view on gender roles. For the series «The Space between» I work with Polaroid photographs where my expressions are related to the space between inner thoughts and outer realities. Through the creative process in this series I always incorporate elements which are beyond my control; an automatism in the chemical process, made by pushing the not yet dry emulsion against what is photographed, allowing the surroundings to contribute with its own voice. After photographing I have established my own set of dogmas; not to digital edit the images beyond scanning, setting of white balance and cropping.