2016 / Fine Art / Landscape

Personal Landscape

  • Photographer
    Eunsung Jeon

Personal Landscape is an ongoing project that reinterprets and recasts photographs of real places with my own personal memories and aesthetic preferences. So these places become somewhere between what’s real and what’s unreal. Before all these landscapes were captured, I tried to meditate and fully communicate with each place as much as possible. There was no specific formula I used, or approach I took. I just wanted myself to feel I was fully immersed in the location by focusing on everything my senses gathered - the air, light, warmth, smells, sounds, and even the feel of the wind. Sometimes it took a few seconds, and sometimes it took much longer. Although I was one of many observers, I wanted to capture these moments of meditation and contemplation as if the only thing that existed was me and this place. And I reinterpreted what I saw with what I feel.