2016 / Fine Art / Landscape

And my eyes are drinking the abundance of light

  • Photographer
    natascha auenhammer

Ist real PURE Photography without digital help! As a photographer you depend more of a reality, unlike a painter. And so in my work all turns always about seeing and perception. At first glance they look like Impressionist paintings, these photographs. Impressionistic- why? Impressionism, from Latin impressio, impression 'is a style in art history. The representation of light and atmospheric moods is my concerne. Color is seen as a sequence of light and atmosphere, and played as a carrier of light. Abandoning black and dark shades causes mainly bright, vivid images. It's not about reproduction, but to create moods. And to find this enchanting country full of light, sun and lightness, that's happened to me. This has arisen purely photographically without any digital imaging and yet - or therefor? - not quite the so-called (objective) reality reflected there. But: Everything is seen and photographed as you see it here.