2016 / Fine Art / Landscape

Enchanted Lands

  • Photographer
    Jack Curran

There is something unique and mysterious about deserts. Foreboding and relentless, these lands also represent an unmatched beauty in their own right. They posses and amazing amount of diversity. It is this diversity that I seek to capture when shooting the deserts in B&W.

You might say there was a natural collision of circumstances between Jack’s nearly lifelong love of nature, and that of photography. His wondrous journey into nature began when he attended an Outward Bound month-long wilderness course at age 16. At 18, (just over 40 years ago) he picked up his first camera, developed his first B&W print in the darkroom and quickly put his two passions together. In recent years Jack’s photography has been exhibited in Paris, Athens, Berlin, Moscow, and Malaga Spain and domestically in the US and published Internationally.