2016 / Fine Art / Landscape


  • Photographer
    Gerard Staron

While the humanist photography often turns its shoots to its neighbor, to talk about other people, The question here is to show an internal feeling, a thinking about the position of the man in the universe. The man occupies a more and more important place in our world, not only by his physical presence but also by his emphasis in any circumstances, corrupting our ways of thinking in egocentric models. We forget then our own reality and we hide the old fears and the questions stayed without answer. This series is there to remind us the real place of the man in the universe, a tiny being who stirs, lost in the infinity which he doesn’t control.

I work on notion of time, the time which spends, the forgetting, the nostalgia, the no return sensation and the feeling that our existence will be very brief. Adding to this feeling, I have the fear that our world will quickly become ruined if we don't react.