2016 / Fine Art / Abstract

The Natural order

  • Photographer
    Håkon Røisland

I have since the fall of 2014 worked with a project about contradictions related to our western view on the ending of life, and how we see the death of humans different than our view in the nature that surrounds us. I make the photographs in this series in nature reserves where the nature lives and dies without any human interventions. I here ask why death seems so scary that we only talk about it in a philosophic or religious perspective, but hide the dead body both physical and mentally. I ask myself why we instead of dealing with the physical facts of death and decay, with help of the entertainment industry compose something supernatural and scary. Our social language doesn’t allow us to talk about this topic. Because of this taboo, I have a need for finding a language and a tool for communication, which makes it easier to talk about aging, death and decay. The photographs in this series are intended as both tools for language, a key that can open a conversation door, but also a personal experiment with my own mortality. When making some of the photographs I arrange myself as a part of the aging, dying and decomposing nature. For the series «The Natural order» I work with Polaroid photographs where my expressions are related to the space between inner thoughts and outer realities. Through the creative process in this series I always incorporate elements which are beyond my control; an automatism in the chemical process, made by pushing the not yet dry emulsion against what is photographed, allowing the surroundings to contribute with its own voice. After photographing I have established my own set of dogmas; not to digital edit the images beyond scanning, setting of white balance and cropping.