2016 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Chak Lui CHAN

Borrowed Scenery (Jiejing in Mandarin; Shakkei in Japanese) is an aesthetics, in which a distant natural or man-made landscape is integrated into a Chinese or Japanese garden. Garden designer will use framing devices (e.g. tree, hedge, window, wall) to frame the preferred view. The art concept is written in the book of The Craft of Gardens by Chinese artist Ji Cheng around 1630s (Ming Dynasty). It is the earliest manual of garden art in the Chinese tradition and influences Japanese landscape architecture. Indeed we can reframe and apply the aesthetics from garden design to photographic art, with camera... Borrow the impermanent moment by shutter. Borrow the natural beauty from light and shadow. Borrow the aura of Mono No Aware and Zen with heart. And frame anytime, anywhere.