2016 / Fine Art / Abstract

Sunday afternoon

  • Photographer
    Jitka Horázná

The life is passing by and panoramic stories take place just behind the corner - on an ice stadium, inside museum with it's glass showcases, on the beach or even while looking out from a window of a timeworn room where I spent several sleepless nights as an accidental guest. I gun for an unending effort to stop all of it, record, and capture a moment in time so as my photographs and their stories last further. There is a city, a feeling, an emotion, a light, a shadow and also iridescence. But above all there is a human, people and their impressions in everyday , their almost imperceptible prints in my viewfinder. To catch and let live...

I focus in my photography on the border between documentary and art photography. Especially I focus on the ordinary life around me, seemingly unimportant situations and leisure time of people.I prefer the techniques of cross and panorama format.This cycle is called Sunday Afternoon.