2016 / Fine Art / Abstract

The Beauty of the Empty Space

  • Photographer
    Yeo Jung Kim

This project began with the concept of “The Beauty of The empty Space." In traditional East Asian paintings the empty space plays an important part and has a special meaning which reflects East Asian philosophy. The harmony between nature and individuals and the balance of Yin/Yang are important elements of this philosophy. When Asians talk about "The Beauty of Empty Space" in daily life, it symbolizes relaxation, composure, and even freedom. In order to bring the energy of objects that harmonizes negative space, I painted tough brush lines on a body with sumie brush. By using overexposure techniques, the photos have more open space-negative space-. Then in the process of digital developing, the images are over-exposured again. After the developing is finished, through simple overlap and repetition of images, and abstract picture is completed. Simple red lines are added to final images, giving the negative space a rhythmical sense.