2016 / Fine Art / Abstract

The Sky is Lemonlime

  • Photographer
    Jenee Mateer

As a photographer, I am interested in color and light and in images that reveal the relationship between place and self. These images explore my connection to water and landscape. I’m interested in the reciprocity and exchange between internal and external worlds, between mind and body, between reality and illusion and in the subtle shift we experience both psychologically and emotionally in relation to our environment as our perception of where we are and who we are changes over time. These are a series of manipulated landscapes, mostly trees bordering lakes in New York and Michigan and a salt pond in Delaware. The tops of the trees reminded me of washes of watercolor on paper. So I started experimenting with using the computer to create a palette of color that is both part of the ‘natural’ image and not, using layers and blending to push the latent color of the images to the extreme.