2016 / Editorial / Conflict

"Sim Tetos"

  • Photographer
    Peter Bauza

Paloma is a victim of our society, the “sem tetos, sem terras”. Generally hidden from view, they represent the dark side of Brazil’s multibillion dollar spending spree on global sporting events. There are thought to be 40 million homeless people in Brazil, and the number is rising. Despite government housing schemes and anti-poverty policies these people face a bleak future. This is part of my long term project.

Peter Bauza is a German photographer who works in the documentary and storytelling world, which took him to several countries where he also developed his visual language. He is very committed to social and geopolitical issues especially in the areas of conservation, global health, diminishing cultures, sustainability and the environment. He has resided in South America and Europe for more than 20 years and also frequently travels to Africa. His life-long respect for multicultural viewpoints fueled by a fluency in five languages also afforded him many opportunities. Peter’s work has been published and exhibited internationally.