2016 / Book / Documentary


  • Photographer
    Irene Turner Gonzalez
  • Agency / Studio
    Irene Turner

PAPELON is a photographic study of a centuries-old Venezuelan process for making raw cane sugar.

I do documentary photographic studies of cultures that may soon disappear in my native country, Venezuela. I have completed numerous studies, including "Conuqueros" (Peasant Farmers), "Casarios y Caminos" (Villages and Roads), regions such as "Trujillo" and "Paria", "Niños de Venezuela" (Children of Venezuela), "Araya", "Carúpano Hoy y Ayer" (Carúpano Today and Yesterday), "Danzas", "Guanoco", “Los Asuntinos”, and industries such as "Cacao" and "Papelon". In these studies the images hopefully speak for themselves to allow each area to record its place in Venezuelan culture.