2016 / Architecture / Interiors

In a lonely place

  • Photographer
    Gjert Rognli
  • Agency / Studio
    Gjert Rognli

The photograph is dreams / reality and personal or emotional places in my inner landscape, with the work I wish and convey surrealism, mythology, fantasy and time. I orchestrating stories based on my experience with stage design and architecture. The photograph examines's or room's function and identity, or questioning of the limits of space and structure. I take nature forces into work, with references to the everyday and the surreal.

The force of nature is at the heart of Gjert Rognli`s art practice, he works in a wide range of media including film, photography, sculpture and performance. He often draws in references from his affiliation with Arctic Northern Norway, to light, darkness and the seasons, and the artwork floats between surrealism and mythology. Rognli has received numerous international awards for his work with photography and film, and had many exhibitions at home and abroad, among others at the Louvre museum in Paris.