2016 / Architecture / Buildings


  • Photographer
    Francesca Sciarra
  • Agency / Studio
    Francesca Sciarra Photonapoli

Nuovo Corviale, called also “the big serpent”, is a huge architectural construction built up by IACP (Institute for Low-Rent Housing) during the 70’s. It is located in the south-west suburb of Rome, Italy, near the Via Portuense. The building, designed by a team of twenty-three architects lead by Mario Fiorentino, is made of steel, reinforced concrete, and glass; it is composed of three housing elements, among which the central body stands out with its 980 meter length and 9 floors high. It is a hive district proper, inhabited by 1200 households, with a total of about 6000 people. The goal that inspired the starting project was innovative: the intention was to create an independent building that included social services for the community, some kind of microcosm of life and social inclusion. However, the mismanagement and the failure to provide the services have isolated the big serpent, favoring the degradation. After decades of difficulties, the Corviale got back to talk about it thanks to an urban redevelopment project.

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