2016 / Architecture / Bridges

The blue bridge

  • Company
    Studio Marek Czarnecki
  • Photographer
    Marek Czarnecki

Old bridge taken during the snow storm,panoramic with light HDR

PhD Marek Czarnecki Artist photographer, Ph. D. in film art in the field of photography, National Higher Film, Theatre and Television School of L. Schiller in ?ód?. Laureate of international photographic competitions. Personal Digigraphie Certificate of the Epson company.Qualifications / Membership: Membership and honorary titles of international photographic associations: 1989 ZPAF Artist Diploma Photography 2000 - Associateship MPA UK 2000 - Associateship BIPP UK 2002 - QEP Advertising FEP 2002 - IAPP USA 2011 - Artist Digigraphie Epson Marek Czarnecki communicate in polish, russian, en