2016 / Advertising / Self-Promotion

spiritual dimension

  • Photographer
    A. Tamboly
  • Agency / Studio
    Tamboly Photodesign

This picture is made of a church ceiling of the Rochus Church in Düsseldorf. The church has been rebuilt in a modern sytle in the 50's .

Tamboly is a professional photography and art director who has been credited with several awards for his outstanding contributions to the world of photography. Over the years, photography has become more of a lifestyle for him and not just a profession. His areas of specialities are; Conceptual photography, People/Portrait Photography, architecture and travel photography. Tamboly started working for several music magazines from 2009 including, Metalhammer and Rollingstone and photographed a variety of rock stars, among them Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Papa Roach, The Boss Hoss, Iron Maiden, W.A.