2016 / Advertising / Self-Promotion

upside down

  • Photographer
    Walter Fogel

My pictures want to illustrate the spirit of breakdance. Usual backgrounds mutate from the sculptural movements of the breakdancer into abstract sceneries. For me, the acrobatics of these dancers are not the main factor, but rather the integration of these movements in the general view.These pictures originated in 2015.

Curriculum vitae: Born 1954 in Heidelberg Germany 1974 Study at the university Heidelberg Germanistik / Sport 1978 - 80 Assistent by fashion photographer Rudi Goedtler by Onorio Mansutti, by Joachim Würfel 1980 Member at Bund Bildender Künstler Baden - Württemberg 1981 Foundation of my studio for photography in Stuttgart / Babstadt 1990 BFF (Bund freischaffender Fotodesigner) Mitglied 1998 removal of my studio to Angelbachtal