2016 / Fine Art / Landscape (Non-Pro)

The Guardians of Desert

  • Photographer
    Armen Movsesian

Stone army sounds in Armenian language as Zorats Kharer. This monument of ancient architecture is supposedly the oldest observatory known to humanity (presumable age is about 8000 years). Often the stone complex is called Armenian Stonehenge. When I visited the site, I revealed one thought - stones do not tolerate guests. The impression is that they evict their frequent visitors and love solitude and tranquility. The shooting was accompanied by a strong cold wind. That’s why there was a desire to get away from this place because of the intense cold. Probably every visitor has his own perception of mysteries hidden in the Stone Army, but I also wanted to convey stones the way I felt about them from the very first minutes - lonely mystical Guardians of Desert Mountains. Armenia, September 2013.

Landscape and travel photographer from Moscow, Russia.