2016 / Advertising / Travel/Tourism (Non-Pro)

London signs

  • Photographer
    Marco Calandra

Many people have told me to visit London, because it's a city that offers many services and where you can visit great monuments. The first day I went there, I visited the most famous attraction of London, the Big Ben: seeing the big tower in presence rather than a simple photography is very different. On Westminister Bridge, I saw that the famous buses of London, the double-decker, circulated very frequently, so I decided to take a photo with both elements included.

Marco Calandra was born on 11th December 1989 in Gothenburg (Sweden). In the 2014 he wrote the thesis on "The Unreality of the photography", achieving the highest grade. In the same year he decided to continue the last two-year in specialization of Photography and finish his studies with a complete degree . In the 2015, after having used and experienced with the APS-C, he decided to move to the next level by purchasing a Full Frame. His academic career ended in 2017, by writing a thesis named "The silent landscapes" achieving the highest grade.