2016 / Fine Art / Special Effects

Sweet Dreams Empire: Chaos

  • Photographer
    Ekaterina Zagustina

"Sweet Dreams Empire" is going to be a series illustrating the idea of the onset of the fairy-tale Technological Universe, starting with the clockwork drive gears frozen and then bursting in space, constructing Time and Chaos dimensions, half-separately from each other. The constructions are made of various/numerous parts of decomposed devices, in miniature. The Chaos part symbolizes the absence of any visible functionality or integrity of the scene - at first sight. But, just like in real theories, is has its own specific order: there is something like grass growing from chips, broken mirrors loking like half-moons hanging on the walls and being actually sharp as knives, chaotical wires looking like spiderwebs in solitude, lamps, weird and half-functioning, half-alive "vehicles", as well as the partly doll/robot character - all being put as some odd *decorations*, only *supposed* to be functional, through some dreamy and generally valid descriptions.