2016 / Book / Documentary

The Last Hunters

  • Photographer
    Domenico Pugliese

The last hunter is a documentation of the nomadic Awa-Guaja indigenous tribe that been found in the Brazilian Amazon forest. To escape the unwelcome intrusions of European explorers in the 1800’s the Awa-Guaja of Brazil left their settlements and became a nomadic tribe. It is estimated that this hunter-gatherer tribe numbers no more than 300 individuals, (down from 800 in the 1950’s), some 60 of whom have never been in contact with Westerners. They continued to live in isolation until the late 1960’s, when sizable iron ore deposits were discovered in the region, turning their heartland into an agro-industrial park of mines and railroads. The railway and the subsequent land invasion by ranchers severely compromised the Awa’s ability to hunt. Many of the Awa-Guaja are survivors of brutal massacres at the hands of ranchers and loggers, and attacks on the tribe are common. The fragility continue exist and as the Awá are one of the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. And the rising question s if the will continue to exist on the 21century…