2016 / Book / People

Bipolar 1 With A Gun

  • Photographer
    Paula Dixon

This self portrait series puts a real firearm in the hands of a 'crazy' person, the photographer herself, to portray the dangerous internal struggle of mental illness meeting with an external catalyst, a legally-purchased gun. These one to three second exposures were shot in the photographer's home, where she has successfully hidden her battle with Bipolar with Psychosis from nearly everyone for years. This work is not a condemnation of the mentally ill, but rather a personal exposé intended as a reminder that one can never know what's going on in another's mind. Viewers may recognize in themselves the rage, panic, loneliness or confusion that can make anyone go insane, if just for a moment. For the mentally ill and everyone else, guns turn uncontrollable thought into fatal action. The true insanity is that we continue to let it happen.