2016 / Fine Art / Nudes

El Renacimiento de Las Criaturas Luminosas

  • Photographer
    Marco Ferraris

El Renacimiento de Las Criaturas Luminosas “El Renacimiento de Las Criaturas Luminosas” (The Renaissance of the Luminous Creatures) is one part of the project “Mitos Submarinos” (Submarine Myths) which belongs to a wider self-financed project called La Isla (The Island) which started in 2010 and will be in progress probably until 2017. It expands from Photography to Video art showing a way of relating to nature that has been lost in our civilization. These underwater snapshots have undergone only minor editing, the main special effects being the changes of shot and perspective. Models and performers amount to forty, almost none being professionals, coming from seventeen different countries and are all connected to the same island, Ibiza. References were taken from mythology and also literature, painting and cinema, each performer being related to a Water Gods or Goddess.