2016 / Fine Art / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Ambra Lorenzetti

ATER (from latin MATT BLACK) The project shows the men, mostly young and beautiful, in a timeless space black, prehistoric and contemporary at the same armed. Everyone possess a weapon that you have chosen or constructed and are all males: except the first portrait, a woman not armed. The project is based on the black color, the lowest common denominator and their own armor. Everyone can choose a weapon or build it. What is certain is that everyone is armed. Weapon with which the need is used for defense and / or to offense; is the filter that separates men and connects to the world. Romantic heroes, executioners, Executioner, pirates, anarchists, principles, night presences, mages, monks, dyers, nihilists, perpetrators and victims, are my contemporaries Mefistofeli that roam in a world very barbaric and where you can not dress up a 'armor. They are bodies that hold color and lights, so are BLACKS. "Black is not a color" Leonardo Da Vinci said.