2015 / (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Paolo Vergnano
  • Agency / Studio
    Paolo Vergnano

After long walks in the Langhe countryside looking for abandoned places, I wanted to tell the emotions experienced for myself by entering into this lonely rooms, full of charm. I made it through animals, to paint the situations of a dream, suspended in time. The works are the transfiguration of the places through the emotions, combined with what I would expect to see.

Pelekus, from the ancient Greek ax, recalls a macabre beak. Pressed against the chest, smashes the fish into the membrane bag. The image that weighs the cost to feed the little ones inspired the symbol of Christ pouring blood for the redemption of men. The pelican is also elevated to emblem of charity. In the work, the reflection is a time mirror and a lens to give another look. The pelican moves from left to right, from water to tree, from above to below. What you see reflected is not always equal to the start’s point. It depends on who looks at it and what it is looking for.