Silver 2021 / Nature / Trees (Non-Pro)

End of Autumn

  • Photographer
    Ilija Stanusic
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Trees

Papuk is a mountain in eastern Croatia, on the northern and northwestern border of the Požega Valley. In 1999, the Papuk Nature Park was declared. Nature park and geopark under the protection of UNESCO, on whose northern slopes lies the Jankovac Forest Park. It is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, surrounded by centuries-old beech forest, also a famous hiking resort with educational trails, mountain streams and lakes, caves, waterfalls and about 1200 species of flora and fauna.

Ilija Stanusic was born in 1973 in Garevac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.By profession a chef technologist and web designer. After joining the Photo Club Osijek in 2017, he started intensive photography. He had his first solo exhibition in 2018. He has received numerous awards, accolades and recognitions for his photographic work at local and international salons. For his creative photographic work, the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP) awards him the honorary title of artist-artist (AFIAP) in 2018 and in 2019 he is awarded the honorary title of EFIAP (Excellence FIAP).