Silver 2020 / Fine Art / Special Effects

The Art of Iceberg

  • Photographer
    Hsiaohsin Chen
  • Agency / Studio
    CEO Photo Group
  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects

I like to photograph all types and shapes of icebergs. Hoping to present the beauty and style of the iceberg in the most multiple ways. This series hopes to give the iceberg different textures and present it in a simple, blank manner. From the picture, you can only see countless winding lines to show the magnificence and shape of the iceberg. The pure white background removes all visual interference, and you will focus more on the main body of the iceberg and be able to appreciate its beauty carefully. I named it: The Art of Iceberg.

Over 15 years as a CXO level in the information industry. Currently is a photographer, traveler, lecturer, blogger writer, and professional business consultant. Hoping that with the eyes of the photographer, will bring you different field of vision.