Gold 2020 / Fine Art / Moving Images (Non-Pro)


Finally I stopped... I lost track of time, day and night. In a few days it's two months .. two months spent in a single room .. red area, lock down, total isolation, covid19... two months lived in one place, inside a thousand of parallel realities condensed into a single "breath". Difficult to distinguish "physical" from virtual or psychological reality... difficult to distinguish... difficult to manage the trouble of real contacts with loved ones, with friends... now virtual contacts... the absence of real relationships... instead only electronic communications, through a microphone or a scre

My name is Simone Francescangeli, I'm a self-made photographer. I come from the Italian province. I picked up the camera with the intention of being able to find a way to express myself in 2010 and just try to tell the life stories of men closely, especially the ordinary ones, related to the need to be able to live day per day. Until now I brought footstes around in Italy, in Europe, South America and Africa.