Bronze 2020 / Fine Art / Nudes

Nu De dos

  • Photographer
    Tina Trumpp
  • Agency / Studio
    Tina Trumpp
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes

'Nu De Dos' was shot in my studio with few light to give it drama and very special character.

Tina Trumpp was born in '74, lives now in Stuttgart/ Germany and is a fine art photographer. She discovered her love of photography early on, but started working professionaly in this field in 2014. With her break-out exhibition entitled 'Shades of Sensuality‘, Trumpp focuses on the photographic motif of the female body. Using natural lighting and soft lines, Trumpp offers a fresh perspective on nudity. Imbued with tranquil self-confidence, her muses possess a natural feeling of respectful elegance, highlighted by strength and breathtaking beauty.